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Make Money Selling Services With “Jobbing” Sites

Three websites will to get you started

Jobbing sites allow you to make money selling services you can provide.

There are buyers who benefit from cheap services and on jobbers who earn additional income by performing tasks that they chose to do.

You can offer all types of services. They are classified according to different categories. Here are some to give you an overview of the diverse offers: writing, marketing, audio, video, computer, programming, unusual, DIY, service to the person, courses and training.

The sites charge a small commission on services sold on their sites. It rarely exceeds 20%.

This kind of site can be very profitable if you are talented in a particular field (like audio, video, graphics, writing, translation). You can chain orders quickly and if your customers are satisfied, they will certainly come back to you with more.

Make Money Selling Services: 5euros

Make Money Selling Services: as its name suggests sells its services for € 5. However, it is possible to add additional options (5 to 50 € per option).

More than 29,000 services have already been delivered by jobbers on 5euros.

There is a system that allows customers to rate jobbers from 1–5 stars, indicating their average delivery times, whether they meet deadlines, their response times and their current orders.

Thanks to this system, if you are serious it will be fast enough! It’s also very convenient for customers.

You can withdraw money from 5 € accumulated on your account or the equivalent of a service. Withdrawals are made by bank transfer or Paypal.

Make Money Selling Services: Fiverr

Make Money Selling Services: fiverr

Fiverr is the best-known international site where you can sell your services at $ 5 (you can choose your currency to display prices). There are sometimes additional options that increase the price of the service.

You will find and sell all kinds of services. Fiverr levies $ 1 commission on each service; it’s still them who link you with your clients.

The sponsorship allows the sponsor to win $ 5 when the person he sponsors spends $ 10 on the site. Payments are made via Paypal.

Make Money Selling Services: Frizbiz

Make Money Selling Services: Frizbiz

Frizbiz has more than 70,000 active members on the site. When you need help with such services as DIY, personal service, courses, translations or administrative services, a jobber can help you.

The price of services is variable. it starts at 12 € for small tasks (translation, writing. ..) and it can go up to thousands of euros for parqueting.

The DIY services are provided by Axa in the limit of 2000 € per claim. They will send you an expert jobber to do the work in less than 30 days.

Frizbiz offers a sponsorship program that allows the sponsoring and sponsored persons to earn 10 € each when the sponsored concludes his first job (benefit of minimum 100 €).

Payments are made by Paypal, transfer, bank check, cash or via your Frizbiz account and then transfer it to the account you want.

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