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The 5 Steps to Make Money from AdFly

One the simplest ways to put some credit into your PayPal account just by making URLs shorter!

In this tutorial we will see how to make money from Adfly, the website to shortens website addresses and getting paid for it.

Making money with Adfly is so easy that to the point where it becomes superfluous to create a tutorial for it. But since there are some who do not know about this site, let’s discover how to make money with AdFly.

How Do I make Money From Adfly?

To make money with Adfly, you don’t need:

You just need an Adfly account, which can be created in about ten seconds…

1. Register on Adfly

If you do not have an Adfly account, create one now: it does not even take 5 seconds.

Here’s how to create an Adfly account:

  1. Go to AdFly
  2. Click on the “Join Now” button
  3. Fill in his information: name, username, password, e-mail address
  4. Click on “Join”

You now have an Adfly account.

2. Earn money from Adfly

Now that you all have an Adfly account, we’ll tackle the essential question: how do you make money with Adfly?

It’s very simple. Every time a user visits one of your Adfly links, you get paid (usually between 5 cents and 25 cents per click, knowing that a link can receive several thousand visits a day or more).

An “Adfly link” means any link that you have shortened using the Adfly tool.


3. Create an Adfly link

To create an Adfly link, simply:

  1. Go to the Adfly members area
  2. Enter your link (for example in the bar at the top of the page
  3. Click on the “Shorten” button
  4. Copy your link and post it where you want

As mentioned above, the rate of pay can vary from 5 cents to 25 cents per visit.

It may seem pretty low. But say a link receives on average a good hundred clicks per day.

100 * 0.05 € = 5 € per day in the worst of cases.

And that’s just for a link, remember that you can create as many as you want…

4. Adfly tips

We will finish with some Adfly tips that will allow you to maximize your earning on this site.

It helps to have a website or blog for this kind of practice, if you do not have one go see the hosts of blogs: WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr and others.

Here are the best tips and tricks Adfly:

  1. Submit files for download (programs, icons, wallpapers) and hide download links with Adfly
  2. Use catchy titles in link text (eg “SHOCKING”)
  3. Post your Adfly links on social networks
  4. Set up the “Website Entry” script available in the “Tools” tab of your Adfly member area

With that, you ensure a good passive income to feed your Paypal account.

5. Remember..

You can create as many Adfly links as you want, and with any site: Google, Bing, a Wikipedia article, a download file and even this article

See you on Adfly!

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