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Legit ways to make money online without investment

Legit ways to make money online without investment

Do you want Legit ways to make money online without investment ? Read this article from the beginning to the end and you will earn financial freedom.

Legit ways to make money online without investment

1.      Auction items on Ebay

You can sell on Ebay and make money; all you need to do is to model a successful seller in your niche to beat the competition.

2.      Sell photos online

This is for the photographers. All you need is to take professional photographs and sell them on sites like iStockphoto or shutterstock.

All you need to succeed here is creativity and persistence.

3.      Build an online store using Shopify

Shopify gives you the opportunity to build a transactional website and perfect online store. Within few minutes, you are ready to sell online through Etsy.

4.      Write articles for other sites

This niche, or service, is common but when you strive to become a professional, you will make more than you have planned.

You could also do copywriting or email description for brands to boost your portfolio and to increase your account balance.

5.      Be a virtual tutor

This may require you tutoring people online or doing webinars to help people on a topic.

People offer this service to tutor people new languages but you can only do this if you have the second language skill.

Other teachings like technical skill can also be taught online.

6.      Work as a virtual assistant

This may not pay you as much as you expect but it will help pay out part of your bills. Organization and technical skill is what you need to succeed in as much as you are good using Microsoft words, excel and power point.

7.      Sell educational courses on Udemy

Udemy is a great platform to create technical courses that people will learn from. You can teach anything in Udemy.

8.      Upload tutorials (video) on YouTube

This is not a fast way of making money but it will earn you money on a long term base. Find a niche, create videos and stick to it.

9.      Provide answers to professional questions

This is for professionals in a field of study. Websites like JustAnswer and Liveperson are places that will match up your need.

10.  Fulfilled by Amazon Business

This is massive. Set up a FBA and Amazon will help you in packing and shipping your products to your customers.

If you care to know, Amazon is the world largest online retail.

11.  Sell your unique products on Etsy

If you are the type that makes handmade or crafted product and you will like to sell them, then Etsy is just the great resource you need.

12.  Work as an Uber or Lyft driver

There is no need to introduce this. If you are in a place where Uber operates, work on this car hire apps.

13.  Rent your home

This sounds funny; AirBnB is a unique platform where you can earn money online. It is very simple and you can make few dollars but trust me you can’t become rich doing this.

14.  Do affiliate marketing

This is a type of performance where you get a commission for your effort on a good that is bought from your affiliate market.

15.  Sell websites on Flippa

Visit and you sell websites.

16.  Do interview transcribing

All you need to do is to listen or watch the audio/video and convert into reading purpose. Visit

17.  Register on reward sites

These are sites that pay you for services you offer.

18.  Do social media marketing

Create a strong fan base and good reputation online then help people market their good or services.

19.  Start data entry jobs

This requires reading data from one source and typing into another.

20.  Be a proofreader

We have talked about writing articles but do you know people also pay to proofread their written article.

21.  Do voice acting

This requires you dropping voice that will be used to represent characters.

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