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How to make money from a website without selling anything

How to make money from a website without selling anything

Many websites talk about how to make money from a website without selling anything . But check out the best ones we picked for you. No expert knowledge required.


Email marketing allows to make people visit your website that has ads. The more people you contact, the more people visit your website where there are ads. When people click on ads on your website (for example using Google AdSense), you make a profit.

Promote or Review Products

Here’s how promoting products works: you receive a commission when some buys a product that you’re promoting. Many products have affiliate programs. Google product name + affiliate name. For instancePopUp Domination Affiliate.

You can also review a product on your website or your blog. It works better if the product belongs to an affiliate program. You can review hotels, food, automobiles, and virtually any product.

Sell Things

Of course, you can always sell a product or a service. you never know when someone would want it. The world is a big place, especially if what you’re offering a freelance service.

Another thing you can do is sell a advertising space on your website. This is when people put ads on your website. Again, the more people visit it the more likely they will click an ad and, you know the rest.

Create a website for people looking for jobs

If you create a website where people can look up for jobs, you can make a great deal of money. Take a look at this one or this one and get inspired. There’s even a domaine name for websites like that.

Write Tutorials or Train

Do you have a professional skill or just a special way of doing things that you want to share?

Whether it is a way to solve a problem in a computer or a special new technique in karate (woo-ha!), you can put it in into a tutorial video or give people a training to learn it. When you get enough people interested in your work, you can ask them to pay to continue the training and take it to the next level.

Or.. sell a website

You can get rich by selling a website that you buy for a small amount of money and sell, just one month or two years later, for a bigger sum. Check as an example.

Finally, combine the list methods to get maximum profit or just start with one if you think it works best for you.

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