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7 Apps to Earn Money Selling Photos From Your Phone

A list of apps that pay you for your photos

You may not know it but with some smartphone applications, you can make money selling photos; there are more than a dozen companies that buy photos.

Searching around, I discovered that some of these companies are exclusively for people who use their smartphone or tablet as a camera.

In addition, these companies typically have mobile apps designed to directly upload your photos to their site.

Selling photos can be a great way to make money. Some companies give you more than 50% of the profits. Also, some photos can be sold over $ 100!

But …

These sites usually have thousands and thousands of images available on their site. So how do you stand out?

Here are the 2 tips for selling your photos:

  • You need to target the categories of images that have a very high sales rate, so that your photos can be sold quickly.
  • Or, target specific niches that are underrepresented (the photos will sell much more expensive).

Since your phone is with you 24 hours a day, it’s great to take advantage of the opportunities the world is offering. Having an application will allow you to make an photo library in no time.

Hers’s a list of the 7 most popular image companies that offer smartphone and tablet apps.

iOS and Android apps for making money selling photos

1. Foap

Foap pays you $ 10 for a photo and 50% of it is for the photographer. It is specifically aimed at mobile users with an application available on Android and iOS.

The approval process is based on the members’ notes. Each time you upload an image, you must evaluate the images of other members. For one of your images to be accepted, you need positive votes from other members.

2. EyeEm

This application, similar to Instagram, is available on Android and iOS. The sales feature, which allows you to sell your photos, is pretty new and changing. They sell photos in partnership with Getty Images.

3. Twenty20

This site allows you to create a photo gallery and get paid 20% on each sale. The selling price is set by Twenty20 and depends on the size of the photo, with a minimum price of $10. The application is available on iOS.

4. Alamy

This company is one of the largest in the world in this field. Many buyers are large corporations, from newspapers, magazines to major publishing companies.

Their application is called Stockimo. It’s only available on iOS at the moment. Selling prices can be very high here, with pictures selling up to $ 500. The average selling price is $ 90 (source: Alamy).

Photographers get 20% on everything that sells, and most photos can be sold multiple times. The photos go through an approval process before being accepted.

5. Depositphotos

This is also one of the most popular sites on the web, and they have an app called Clashot available on Android and iOS. You can download all the images you want, and you will not need any paperwork to complete.

Your images will be available right after the download, but not all of them are approved and offered for sale.

6. IconZoomer

This company operates with a bidding system. Iconzoomer emits a need and users take pictures trying to meet this need.

Approved photos earn five credits each. Credits can be exchanged for cash. The application is available on Andriod and iOS.

7. Fotolia

This is still a pretty important site, and they have an application called Fotolia Instant available on Android and iOS. The compensation system here is a little complicated, and involves photo rankings and exclusivity offers. You can earn from 20% to 60% on each sale.

8. Scoopshot

Like Iconzommer, Scoopshot is for companies looking for very specific photos. The application is available on Android and iOS.

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