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5 Real Ways to Actually Make Cash Online

👌 Start making money hand over fist – one way or the other

If you want to make cash online, it will take some time to make more than a few dollars and, well, a bit of internet work.

Although, ☝

As you make progress, earning a comfortable income through the internet just gets easier and easier.

Next, we will explore five ways to make cash online.


1. Make cash online: Sell stuff

There are many websites that you can use to sell things online, including Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon.

You can sell just about anything you want on these sites. It’s very easy to make cash by getting rid of things you no longer need around the house.

Letgo is a mobile app that let’s you sell things to other people, from person to person.


2. Make cash online: Sell handmade items

Are you any good? If so, you should really consider selling your stuff on Etsy – one of the best sites for selling handmade, old and creative items.

There are many members and visitors who visit this site every day to see what’s new, so you will have a wide audience who can buy your products.


3. Make cash online: Become a freelance writer

Many websites will actually pay you to write articles.

If you are well informed about a topic (finances, childcare, cleaning, etc.), it is likely that the company is looking for someone like you to write articles for their website, magazine or newspaper. and Wise Bread are two companies that I recommend (if you have good command of the English language).


4. Make cash online: Start a Blog

Before saying anything on blogs, please note that you should not start a blog just to make money.

You should start a blog because you like to write and share your ideas with others. If you do that, eventually the money will come.

There are many ways you can make money with your blog, like:


5. Make cash online: Use Swagbucks

All you have to do is use this search engine and you will earn “bucks” or dollars.

Swagbucks is a great way to earn cash online.

Once you have enough “bucks”, you can redeem them for cash (via Paypal) and / or gift cards from local and online stores.

Go get them!

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