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Explore 4 Legit Ways to Earn Extra Cash Online

Do "crowdlabor", test programs or take screenshots to make extra money

To make extra cash online, you can do many small tasks.

Check out these 4 websites and you might find what you were looking for.

1 – Extra cash online with “crowdlabor”

This is called crowdlabor: workers are contributors who fill simple tasks.

Amazon Mechanical Turk and offer small tasks ranging from making little bits of translation or to simply clicking a button.

2 – Extra cash online with uTest

uTest is an platform for technical website testing. It’s a big company, with big customers.

You will have to spot and register the errors (“bugs”) in a computer program.

You are paid for how many bugs you spot, with three scales of importance. There are bugs where you get paid $ 5, or $ 50.

When there are lots of bugs and not many worker, you can get $ 150 in two minutes. Someone who spends enough time can make $ 500 to $ 2,000 a month.

3 – Extra cash online with Opinion Outpost

On Opinion Outpost, you give your opinion. You can do it two times a day.

You need to write a good profile to be selected for the polls, but once that’s done, you can make around $1 an hour.

Earning 50 points allows you to be paid via PayPal.

4 – Extra cash online with Ferpection

Ferpection is a website user testing platform. Each test takes an hour to an hour and a half.

You take screenshots of your computer or smartphone browser and give your opinion (feedback), identifying any errors.

It’s a job that gets easier with time.

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